App Costs

APP Rates Card 2017   Word

APP Rates Card 2017    PDF

App Features Available NOW:

Android and iOS apps


Send user groups targeted Push Notifications.

Update your app without resubmitting to the app store.

Social Networks

Social networks eg Facebook, Instagram etc.

Mobile Shopping

Instantly turn your Shopify account into a mobile shop.

Loyalty Program

Keep your most loyal customers coming back with vouchers and incentives.

Multimedia- Video/Audio

Include Podcasts, YouTube, Vimeo, MP3’s and Videos.

Places and Locations

Create a directory of locations with info and directions.

Contact Information

All your information and contact details at the touch of a button

Easily include any custom HTML coding


Sync your RSS feeds right into the app.

Web View

Connect to anything on the web inside the app.

Appointments, Reservations, Event Calendars etc.


Use the tools you already know and love.